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  • As of lately I've been experiencing more and more "coincidences" that at this point i'm not sure they are even coincidences anymore. Every since I was little I've always been interested in things like psychics and the supernatural but it wasn't until recently that I started looking deeper into it. I... Read More >>
  • I have grown up seeing spirits. I was 2 when I told my family about a past life in detail. Such as "when I was a boy I docked boats in San Francisco" and proceeded to give details of the city that I had never been to. It was around 4 years of age that I started being able to predict earthquakes. ... Read More >>
  • To whoever may come across this, my name is Melanie and i'm currently 21. Over the past few years, I started noticing that when I would have random thoughts, some would come up true. The first incident was when I was in middle school and one morning I just woke up and said "today's the day you lose ... Read More >>
  • This is the first time I'm writing anything about my experiences. I don't find it easy to share anything personal with other people... Ever since I was a child, I would occasionally have this feeling that someone/something was watching me, and it would always make me feel unpleasant. It didn't ha... Read More >>
  • i was thinking about this a lot lately, and am wondering if some of you are experiencing this, see any possible connection or if its just in my head and we all are experiencing this. So before I go into recent events, I will start about what I feel and how and what happens. It always starts as s... Read More >>
  • For as long as I can remember I've always been able to sense when something bad is going to happen or when someone is going to die. My family has always just passed it off as women's intuition, but its more than that. I can meet someone and by shaking their hand I know whether they are good or bad. ... Read More >>
  • I'm glad to have found this community, as now I know I'm not necessarily the only one experiencing these things. Ever since I was a kid I've been extremely sensitive and prone to being influenced easily by someone else's mood/energy. I remember being able to sense someone coming without hearing thei... Read More >>
  • First time reaching out in a forum like this, or anywhere else for that matter. I will try to be brief. I have Aspergers. Which in an of itself is a trip. I have a couple of things happening: 1. In my life I have also had the unfortunate/fortunate (depending on who you ask... Me I am NOT a fan bu... Read More >>
  • Me and my grandma have recently moved into a new apartment and we have lived here for about 2 months. Recently we were both sitting in the living room at night and on the wall we see a tiny red flash of light. Almost as if someone had a laser pointer, but it's more of a flash than a perfect circle. ... Read More >>
  • I am relatively young and i'm not really sure what is going on with me, but I have had some psychic things happen to me. I can't even start to explain the type of things that have happened to me. I come from a christian family, so we believe in angels, but many people still do not believe in ghosts.... Read More >>
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