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Pre-screened for accuracy, competency and compassion, Outreach Psychics are among the most sought-after psychic readers in the world. All our psychics are:

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All of our psychics have been thoroughly tested by our staff and certified as having true, amazing psychic abilities. Many of our readers have been hand-picked for their reputations in the psychic field as well-known and respected talents.

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Each of our psychic readers has demonstrated the ability to maintain a consistently high level of accuracy during all of their readings. Contrary to what you find on many other psychic advice sites, not just anyone can join Astronet Psychics.

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It's not enough to be talented; a good psychic counselor must also be experienced. Only a reader with experience can counsel clients with unusual or troubling issues and provide the compassion and assistance to lead them through difficult times.

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  • I'm a new member at this page and I want to tell you my story to get some answers on questions I have for years. I was a very strange and weird kid. I've believed that I had some kind of magic skills and wanted to be a medium or a magician. I don't know if it was just my imagination or not but I ... Read More >>
  • I will start of by explaining that I am a 45 year old woman, mother of two, who has led a pretty normal life until I recently lost my 19 year old son Joshua to a drug overdose three years ago on Easter Weekend. I was notified by detectives who were investigating his death at a local motel in our tow... Read More >>
  • New to this forum and I have a concern about my spiritual abilities maybe you guys could help. First a small background story my mother has a gift and she got it from grandmother and when my grandmother passed away we weren't not in town at the time we lived in a different state so my mother was not... Read More >>
  • Last night as I was falling asleep, you know when you're between being asleep and being awake, I heard my name called: 'Holly Hughes' twice, I didn't recognise the voice was but it was quite high pitched at first so assumed it was a female. It was also really distorted and changed pitch, the only wa... Read More >>
  • My grandmother was a medium. My mother could see visions of future events. I've had out of body experience, and visions of exploding bottles seconds before happening. Plus many other things. But what I am going to share with you now has affected me more than anything. In June 2017 I woke up in the... Read More >>
  • I posted my "long story" -- the description of my many psychic experiences throughout life a couple days ago. After seeing so many supportive comments from people who resonate with the stories on this site, I wanted to specifically reach out to people who, like me, feel the pain of all the animals b... Read More >>
  • I can see through people, their intentions. Others can't lie me, it's impossible. If people try to trick me I will know it. I feel others and I know what they're going through but I don't care most of the time. Whenever I go to bed, even tho it doesn't happen every night, I see these super complicat... Read More >>
  • I'm a young teenager and I think I have some kind of ability. I'm starting to see what I believe are spirits more and more often, and iv'e predicted different things. I'm beginning to look into it, as far as religion and similar things go, iv'e always seen myself aiming towards Atheism as I have nev... Read More >>
  • I had posted under another name years ago sharing my extensive experiences as well as my many doubts about this subject in general, unfortunately I was unable to retrieve my password so I decided to post again because there has been new developments and I'm hoping to find someone who can help me, pr... Read More >>
  • I am so glad and thankful for the opportunity to connect with people who understand me. I remember being conceived, have memories from the womb, and remember being born. My mom confirmed my memories when I was an adult, and some details only recently, since she was diagnosed with terminal cancer ... Read More >>
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