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Pre-screened for accuracy, competency and compassion, Outreach Psychics are among the most sought-after psychic readers in the world. All our psychics are:

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All of our psychics have been thoroughly tested by our staff and certified as having true, amazing psychic abilities. Many of our readers have been hand-picked for their reputations in the psychic field as well-known and respected talents.

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Each of our psychic readers has demonstrated the ability to maintain a consistently high level of accuracy during all of their readings. Contrary to what you find on many other psychic advice sites, not just anyone can join Astronet Psychics.

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It's not enough to be talented; a good psychic counselor must also be experienced. Only a reader with experience can counsel clients with unusual or troubling issues and provide the compassion and assistance to lead them through difficult times.

Because all of our readers have genuine, proven ability, we’re confident that they will be right for you! Order a reading today and experience the caring difference!


  • Let me give you some background on myself. Often times when I meet people who will have an important impact on my life I have premonitions of what our relationship will be. I can see feuds, how relationships end, friendships, anything significant. I get these premonitions within minutes of meeting s... Read More >>
  • I'm now 25 and still asking myself questions. I remember things from the past that where so vivid in my memory but so blurry at the same time. I will always remember my first dreams when I was a just toddler, however, I also got somehow of a capacity of seeing the future. Vague and brief pictures.... Read More >>
  • While I was sleeping I saw an entity in my room. This entity was just evil, had a dark energy and everything about it was negative and bad. In my bedroom, there was a furniture located opposite my bed and against the wall. That entity was sitting in the right corner of the wall on a cabinet. ... Read More >>
  • This story happened one night in my sleep. Actually, what I do recall happened when I started to wake up. I was sleeping on my back, which is not so usual for me. Anyway, as I started to wake up for some reason, I felt fingers touching my belly. I don't know how many fingers were there, but I got t... Read More >>
  • Ever since I was little, every single mattress I have ever slept on has shook. (I'm now 22!) and I have been experiencing the shaking of my bed every single night since then. (For the most part I ignore it, but there are rare times it still bugs or even freaks me out.) Sometimes even on rainy nights... Read More >>
  • For the past year or so, I've had multiple dreams of a baby girl. She has dark brown hair and big brown eyes. Every dream I have of her she grows up a bit, and she's absolutely precious. Me and boyfriend of two years have recently been talking about kids and both agree we want a baby girl. My boyfri... Read More >>
  • I was having a drink in a local very old pub, the landlord told everyone there was going to be a paranormal investigation team doing a search after closing time. We were told they were well known for their TV investigation work all over the UK. I put my name forward to be part of the investigation w... Read More >>
  • One day I was watching videos and I came across a website talking about auras. I thought it might be interesting. When I read it I realized I've seen them. I never really had noticed them until then. I questioned it a lot. I'm I really seeing these? The next day I talked to my friend, she was suppos... Read More >>
  • I met a man at work 17 years ago now. The first time I saw him, I was walking and heard the work "Stop" clearly in my head to the point that I stopped dead in my tracks. I looked up and there he was staring right at me from about 30 feet away. We had this connection where it seemed like we could rea... Read More >>
  • I'm an only child and I have a broken family. I grew up with my father who is amazing. My mother had better things on her mind. Ever since I can remember I have had a dark feeling that has followed me. I have no religious background but I always fantasized about the darker side of life. I was alone ... Read More >>
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